Premium server hardware procurement.

Dell Premium Partner. 

We are one of the few accredited Dell Premier Partner resellers in the U.K. Our partner status means we can provide you with cost-effective hardware from across the entire Dell range. We also have an enhanced level of service and support from Dell and we use our economies of scale to negotiate the best deals for you.

Local connections, global reach.

Our transit is supplied by Multiple Tier 1 providers and we have a large peering presence on both LINX LANs and LONAP.

Our core network leverages the powerful Juniper MX platform to interconnect our sites while our access network combines Juniper QFX virtual chassis fabrics and Juniper EX series virtual chassis to ensure high availability.

Each rack within our QFX based access network has multiple 10Gbps uplinks as standard which provide resiliency and high bandwidth with low contention.

0 Redundant rack uplinks
0 Uncongested core network

Your own VPN.

With Fabric, creating your own virtual private environment is simple. Built on Juniper technology, the network architecture is flatter and as a single vendor solution it provides increased stability and improves IP mobility.

Dual uplinks.

In the event that a ToR switch fails, our servers have dual uplinks to ensure you are always connected.

All traffic is spread across links using industry standard link aggregation.

Multiple VLANs.

You can deploy a number of VLANs to connect and isolate your dedicated servers within a private secure network.

It enables you to isolate sensitive data between your servers.